Jenner's Kids Daycare's practice is to provide childcare for children 6 weeks to 17 years of age. Our center's policy is to provide each child with a loving, safe, secure environment with a home away from home atmosphere—a place where they can go each and every day to grow and learn that they are very special. We will provide a structured pre-school program to help all pre¬¨schoolers to grow and become prepared for elementary school. We will fulfill the state requirements with a well-rounded daily schedule including: age appropriate pre-school activities, art, science, discovery areas, safety awareness programs, and exercise. We will help develop fine and large motor skills, as well as provide them with a safe and secure environment-one in which they can grow and develop each and every day. We will help the children develop manners, how to share, and how to be nice to our friends. Jenner's Kids utilizes positive reinforcement, redirection, conflict resolution, and "time out".

Jenner's Kids goal is to give every family that attends a sense of pride and a good feeling about having their children enrolled here. We want children to know how special they are in this world and how special they are to us.


Carol Schaffner says:

"I am so excited for both of you...with your family being my only sitter for Stephanie which started when she was 2 months old and she stayed for years, by the way she is now 23, I experienced personally the love, care and fun your family provides a child, years later you provided this same wonderful experience to my grandson!! I am so excited for both of you and when you find your place and get ready to open I will be happy to shout from the rooftops to all the parents in the area that their little ones cannot find a better place than yours to get the love, care and attention that their little ones deserve!!! Good luck and keep me informed!! Thanks for all the love & support you gave to Stephanie & my family when we lost Steve (her daddy) when Stephanie was only 3 years were right there for myself and my children...thank you!"